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    Dr. Edward J. Harvey on Solving the Problem of Diagnosing Acute Compartment Syndrome

Dr. Edward J. Harvey
Chief Medical Officer, MY01, Inc.

When I started the journey to form what we now know as MY01, Inc. I only knew that we had inadequate tools to objectively make a diagnosis. We certainly knew that the pressure devices being used left a lot to be desired and were dangerous in clinical practice. 

As we performed the basic science to look at parameters to measure, we found that pressure was a good early indicator of presence of muscle trauma. I thought, what if we could use pressure as an early indicator for compartment syndrome – helping to confirm or negate a diagnosis while clinical signs are still evolving? 

I approached the engineering group at McGill University to see if they had a more technologically-advanced way to measure intracompartmental pressure. Sensor development and research were already occurring and we quickly formed a partnership to solve the problem. Turns out that we could and the idea for the MY01 Continuous Compartmental Pressure Monitor was born. 

I saw a problem in my field, worked with engineers to find and refine a solution in the lab, and now the MY01 device and app are available to help with patient care. Using appropriate and accurate technology to our advantage gives surgeons more data about their patient’s condition, leading to more informed decisions and improved patient outcomes.