Make the right call under pressure

Timely Sensing for Compartment Syndrome

Enables  Continuous Intracompartmental Monitoring

Only MY01 provides reliable, and real-time continuous pressure measurements to aid in the diagnosis of compartment syndrome.

“The MY01 device has been extremely easy to use, it is extremely reliable and integrates very well with users, technology, and hospital systems. It appears to be a timely adjunct to helping us diagnose and find safe dispositions for patients with suspected compartment syndrome.”

Mitchell Bernstein, MD FRCSC

“The MY01 device is everything I was hoping it would be and what we’ve needed to better treat and care for compartment syndrome. Smart sensors like this will be an essential part of the future of healthcare.”

Hans Van Lancker MD FRCSC FAAOS

“MY01 is ergonomic and easy to use. MY01 is an all-in-one product. There are no consumables, which is ideal in a trauma setting.”

Thierry Bégué, MD PhD

“One of the benefits to MY01 is the continued data you get from it. This is going to allow you to understand what the overall trend of the underlying condition is.”

Ted Miclau, MD